clas·sic / [klas-ik]



of the first or highest quality, class, or rank: a classic piece of work.


serving as a standard, model, or guide upon which others follow.

Classic Trailers - BUILT TO LAST...

With over 30 years behind us, we truly are CLASSIC...
There are trailer builders all over that build the traditional box trailer still based on the old timber trailers from the 60's with very few improvements.

At Classic we don't just keep churning out the same old trailers, we continually look for ways to advance trailer designs for now and well into the future, using the latest technology in welding, sheet metal fabrication and finishes to build you a better trailer, weather it be our every popular 'Commercial Box' to our now industry standard fully enclosed trailers used by most major shuttle companies, or plant trailers used by all the big names in  earth moving.

We design and build more custom trailer per year than any other manufacturer, and along with our extensive standard range we are the number 1 choice by councils, government and the general public from Melbourne to Cairns.

You will find Classic Trailers carrying fuel and machinery in the mines of Cooper Pedy, Mount Isa, Singleton, or carting luggage in Brisbane, Coolangatta, Sydney, Melbourne and many other airports, or working in councils all over NSW, VIC and QLD, and keep an eye out for the thousands of private trailers in driveways and backyards all over Australia.

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